Monica Dengo

Monica Dengo is a incredible artist and calligrapher from Italy. She has been teaching HANDWRITING AS ART to children and adults for many years. The KIDS - BOOKS section in her web site offers books on handwriting and a short course for adults who desire to improve their own handwriting and use it as model to teach to others. 

The KIDS - EDUCATIONAL section in her web site offers free additional material to learn and teach italic handwriting.

Although the pre-school years is too early to think about cursive writing I believe there are important considerations in this field. One of my points is that cursive development will be enhanced by giving the children more opportunities to see well formed rhythmical cursive writing. The child sees letters, numbers and words everywhere ... but very seldom experiences cursive writing. Most of the writing children see is generally a font that has been carefully drawn and not written out. My dream is to give teachers the instruments, documentation and knowledge to write well formed cursive letters, with an emphasis on the rhythm in handwriting. In any case, if teachers, educators and parents write by hand, the child will see handwriting and will learn to appreciate it. 

If you are a teacher or an educator interested in handwriting, please contact Monica to receive additional information and assistance.