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How old are the children that participate?
Jardin Galerie is open to children of all ages.

How do I get started?

Please contact John at john@jardingalerie.org

How can I submit Art?
There are four ways to submit art, you can..

  • Send a  digital photo of artwork in RGB, jpeg format submitted via electronic email to jardingalerie.org or,
  • Scan artwork into computer and send image file to jardingalerie.org via electronic email or,
  • Mail a digital photo of art on a computer CD, disk, or tape or,
  • Send art via courier or mail with proof of receipt request.
    (Jardin Galerie disclaims responsibility for original art)

What is the best way to submit art work?
Emailing a digital photo to jardingalerie.org in RGB, jpeg format.

What information should be submitted for each child?

Name, Age, Sex, Race, Grade, School, City/Town/Village, State/Province, County.

What information should be submitted on Artwork

  • Artwork Type  (Drawing, painting, collage, woodwork, group work and type, other.
  • Media (water color, charcoal, tempura, finger paint, other.

How do schools participate?

  • Jardin Galerie and the school coordinate development of a two-week Art Exhibit around a common theme.
  • The Art Exhibit is hosted by Le Jardin A L’Ouest and the featured school.
  • At the close of the Exhibit, Art is photographed and displayed at jardingalerie.org website.
  • Children must be registered at jardingalerie.org website before their Art is displayed. Parents complete a simple form.

How can I donate?

  • Mail a check to Jardin Galerie, 164 West 83rd Street, New York, NY 10024.
  • Make a donation at jardingalerie.org website.
  • Participate in fundraising programs such as buying greeting cards, calendars, or Child Art Archive CD.
  • Make other donations such as stock, services, products or anything that helps support the organization. and achieve it’s goal of building a self-sustaining non-profit organization.






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