who we are



Welcome to Jardin Galerie: a safe haven where children, parents, educators and patrons from all walks of life come to celebrate the importance of Art in a child’s curriculum.

As an accomplished American artist and early childhood educator, I decided to found Jardin Galerie Ltd. out of concern for Art’s spiraling decrease in school curriculums and my deep experience and knowledge about Art’s critical role in child development, communication, and education. 

My vision for Jardin Galerie was born out of three decades of first-hand experience working with young children, as well as my experience as an artist whose vision of art is centered around the concept of Mathematics and Art.

I believe that art is important not only for the aesthetic beauty characteristic of children’s work but also because the picture plane is a stage upon which the child constructs his or her own reality: Art is the key to an elementary understanding of number, symmetry, geometrical transformations, and ultimately the construction of letters, numbers, words and stories.

Through our exhibits we promote a better understanding and a fuller explanation of what art really is and what it means to children, of why art is so important as a tool of literacy, competency and social-emotional well-being and how art can be utilized to bring about a more open, accepting and friendly world.

Jardin Galerie was founded in 2000 and now hosts various schools and art organizations worldwide.  

Four times a year we hold exhibits in our Virtual Gallery and in our Physical Gallery in New York City.  These shows feature children from local schools and arts organizations with input from children all over the world working on the same theme. 


In five years we have preserved and made available to children, parents and teachers more than five thousand images.

On January 20, 2005 UBS Bank awarded Jardin Galerie a small grant to mount a significant exhibition of children’s art to be held from November 30 2006 to January 12 2007 at their corporate headquarters here in New York City.  This opportunity will allow us to showcase several hundred works of art and sculpture done by children from all over the world.

Corporate sponsorship and individual giving is the nourishment we need to continue to sustain our operating budget, expand our international outreach and articulate and develop our mission.

Join us in our efforts to promote sound educational principles, truly relevant social policy and appreciation of the natural world by supporting the mission of Jardin Galerie and jardingalerie.org. 

Your understanding, your faith, your support and your gift of giving can make a difference in the lives of children everywhere.

John A. Hiigli
Jardin Galerie
New York City, NY
Spring 2006