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Art is the foundation for developing cognizant skills, which lead to science and mathematics aptitude and to the construction of numbers and letters. It also plays an essential role in developing dexterity, intuition, reasoning, and imagination skills that our society and economy demand today.

Jardin Galerie’s core mission is to showcase children’s Art across cultures and populations, encourage Art, and highlight Art’s essential role in child development, communication and education. The goal is to enable children to gain long-term benefits which include:

Increase Learning: Art gives children the desire to learn and teaches them how to learn. Art introduces a calm environment and sense of well being that is conducive to learning.

Build Self-Esteem: Showcasing children’s Art at jardingalerie.org’s Virtual Gallery provides a way to share child’s art among children, parents, relatives, friends that leads to acknowledgement and praise for a child’s Artwork and the child’s realization their art has value, meaning, and is important.

Develop Cognizant Skills: Art provides the precursor skills leading to Science and Math aptitude.

Increase Communication: Art facilitates communication between teacher-child, teacher-parent, parent-child, relatives-child and child-child and assists parents and teachers in understanding the deeper meanings of what children are doing and thinking when they make art.

Child Development Window: Teachers, parents and children are able to view a child’s Artwork at the Virtual Gallery and in the Physical Gallery and use it as a tool to evaluate and record progress.

Encourage Artistic Talent: Jardin Galerie’s program acknowledges and encourages all children and provides opportunities to participate in Theme Art projects to achieve special recognition achievement awards.

Provide a Multi-Cultural Experience: The children’s experience in both galleries prepares them for living in a global environment and promotes an understanding of cultural sameness and differences in the world.




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